Turfing & Garden Edges

We generally add a high nutrient soil and a mix of fertilizers to assist turfing with the new growth. The soil is then spread with a screed to create that perfect flat turf lawn that every family desires.

When the soil is perfectly flat and the fertilizer is spread, we commence laying the turf.

We often lay a border around the perimeter of the area and then the turfing in a brick like fashion with no two joins meeting at the same spot. After we have played and completed all the cuts required we put sand in all the joins to help with drying out. We hand water every piece and then always give the turf a roll.

Turf Maintenance

We like to keep people off the turf for the first four weeks, while the roots establish themselves. If you do do not have an irrigation system installed we advice watering the turf in the early morning or late afternoon depending on the situation. When you do your first mow do not cut too much grass off . Also remember to give the turf a fertilizer a few times a year for that perfect lawn.

Turfing, Garden Edges & Landscaping Process


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