Melbourne & Brisbane Portfolio of Our Work

Toorak Yard Bought to Life with Makeover
A house for sale in Toorak has received a simple makeover to bring the yard to life. We have layered Sir Walter turf.
Opening up this backyard in Mckinnon to create more space
Opening up this backyard in Mckinnon to create more space. We have chosen synthetic grass and bluestone garden edges and tyre
Informal bluestone steppers
Informal bluestone steppers layered on concrete base working in contrast with Torquay pebble and steel mesh creating a jasmin
Malvern Landscaping Completed on House for Sale
A House in Malvern, landscaping completed & ready for sale. We have bought the hedge back to life and layered Sir Walter
A House in Malvern getting ready for sale
A House in Malvern preparing for sale. We have bought the hedge back to life and layered Sir Walter grass.
Brighton front yard landscaping
A front yard in Brighton with a simple red brick pathway bordered with bluestone pith rocks and Sir Walter grass.
Bluestone used in a powerful way
Bluestone used in a powerful way to create a vision of depth.
Brighton landscaping carried out by Stix n Stonez landscapers. A spotted gum deck using 140mm decking.
A funky backyard which doubles as a children's play area and car park if needed. The bluestone blocks give it a rustic feelin
A formal entry bordered with a hedge to the entrance of a new red gum deck in Fairfield.
Sweeping exposed concrete pathway with cobblestone used as a border in Mavern.
New driveway surrounded with bluestone terraced garden beds in Malvern.
Terraced garden beds with inviting staircase in Ivanhoe
Alphington Deck and Garden bed
A stylish raised garden bed with new deck and exposed concrete path in Alphington.
Plant Bed Preparation Prahran
No area is too small to make a beautiful space in Prahran for plant bed preparation.
A double driveway using salt and pepper exposed concrete to allow for a more enjoyable ride into the homestead..
phy boulder retaining wall is used for erosion control and retaining. This wall has enabled a flat terraced area to be create
all our sir walter grass is layed on a premium organic soil with water chrystals.
Entrertainment area
Entertainment area by pool Landscape design.
using B grade sandstone on the edge of a creek with a concrete footing for reinforcement. Which has created a stable platform
On each job, fresh innovative ideas are brought to life with a balance of resourcefulness and refined craftsmanship. Transfor
400 by 400 eden stone pavers layed on a concrete pathway to create a formal entry
Second hand bricks layed on a compacted base. Curves are used for a relaxing feeling. A silicon based sand is then swept and